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Protecting CPNI

Protecting CPNI - Your rights & options

Basic privacy protection:

Single Source values your business and respects our customers' right to privacy. Under state and federal law, you have a right, and Single Source has a duty, to protect the confidentiality of your Customer Proprietary Network Information ("CPNI"). CPNI is information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, usage, and billing of your Single Source service. Single Source will not use or disclose your CPNI except as permitted or required by federal statute (47 U.S.C.§ 222) and applicable FCC regulations (47 CFR §§ 64.2001 - 64.2009). We will use your CPNI only to provide Single Source services to you or to suggest other Single Source communications-related services tailored to your needs. These protections apply automatically, and you do not need to take any action in order to benefit from them.


Further options:

As a Single Source customer, you have the right to impose additional restrictions on Single Source's use of your CPNI by "opting out." If you opt out, Single Source cannot use your CPNI to market additional services to you. Opting out will not affect the provision of any Single Source service to which you already subscribe, but it may prevent you from receiving certain information about additional services from Single Source. If we do not hear from you within 30 days after you first sign up for Single Source service, we will assume you do not wish to opt out. However, you can choose to opt out at any time. Your decision whether or not to opt-out will remain in effect until you change it. In order to opt out, please notify Single Source in writing at P.O. Box 4057, Timonium, MD 21094-4057 Attn: Customer Service, and provide the following information: (1) Customer name, (2) Service billing address, (3) telephone number including area code, and (4) service account number. Removing consent will not affect your current Service.